About Us

BPPA is a local family owned and operated outdoor equipment rental and tour guide business that “Prides ourselves in our customer service!”

Our main goals are for you to enjoy our county as much as we do and for you to make wonderful memories here to treasure for a lifetime. “Living the dream” is the motto for the Meredith Family since 1977!

Jay & Susan Meredith met in 1977 and this “Meredith Family Dream” began! First, to buy the Meredith Family “Big House” (a 1790 Colonial) , own and operate the Bucktown Village Store (circa 1800) and to rent canoes, kayaks and bicycles. We have accomplished those goals and much more! Our family began in 1983 with our son Wesley, his brother Matthew in 1987 and our daughter Kacey in 1991. Our children Wes, his wife Brooke, Matt and Kacey are all very supportive in our family business and help whenever they can. We are the forth generation of the Meredith family to own the Bucktown Village Store, store keepers house and the Big House. Both of our families, the Wright family and the Meredith family, have lived in Dorchester County for many generations. One of the the most unique things about this county is that most of the locals have lived here for many, many years. The Bucktown Village Store is the site of the first known act of defiance in the life of Harriet Tubman, famous conductor on the Underground Railroad and where BPPA operates out of.

What does this mean for you as guests to Dorchester County ? Well, we know the area and would like lead you to the best places to stay, shop, eat and tour. We want you to have an all around GREAT RELAXING VACATION so please allow us to lead you to the “locals favorites” !!! We are waiting to help you in any way we can, so call us today:) 410-901-9255